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1. Finding And Searching

1.1. Searching And Researching The Product

1.1.1. Searching of products/services by KEYWORD

1.1.2. Refine your search

1.1.3. How to use advanced search?

1.2. Managing your results

1.2.1. Saving you searches

1.1.1. Searching of products/services by KEYWORD

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To search a product or services you want to buy or acquire, you start by entering words that describe your product or services into a search box. You can also set preferences to find the right product/services quickly and organize your search information.
By default search word / product name will search within all categories for selected tab.
Searching of Products by KEYWORD
If you want to search in particular category you can select it from the combo box.


You can make your search more specific by narrow down your results. If you have a specific knowledge of your product or services, manufacturer, model then add that information to your search.For example, a search for Mobile “Apple - iPhone 3GS -gives you a much more manageable list of results.