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3.1.6. Manage Folders

Organizing messages into folders

You can organize your messages into folders. You get the following 4 folders automatically, and can add up to 10 more folders:
Folder Description
Inbox Where you get all new alerts and messages. We automatically sort messages by time received, with the most recent at the top.
Junk Where you can move unwanted emails or spam.
Sent Mail Contain copies of all the messages you've sent to Customer Support and to other sawdagger  members. You can't delete messages in the Sent folder, but you can copy messages in the Sent folder to another sawdaggger Messages folder you've created.
Trash Contains the messages you deleted for 1 month
Folders Here you can create your own personalized folders, like "Heavy Machinery" or "Steel Supplier." To create a new folder, click the Add link, enter a name for the folder, and then click the Save link.

Manage Folder

  • Add New Folder

    Add New Folder
  • Edit / Delete Folder

    Edit / Delete Folder