Help Center Selling Process On Sawdagger

5. Selling Process On Sawdagger


5.1. Selling basic

To sell on, you need to register with and select the supplier. During this one-time process, you'll provide information required in registration.

5.1.1. Getting started selling on Sawdagger What is offer-future format? What is fixed price format? How to Post offer-future? How to Post fixed price?

5.1.2. Tips for successful selling

5.1.3. Completing the sales

5.1.4. Different ways to sell on Sawdagger

  i)  Offer-Future Format

 ii)  Fixed Price Format

iii)  Advertising on Sawdagger

5.1.5. Creating Effective Postings

5.1.6. Writing an effective Title / Product Name and Description

5.1.7. Creating a great picture

5.1.8. Managing your selling activity

5.1.9. Manage Posting